Lanuti's Glass

Denise Lanuti

The person that says it can not be done, should not interrupt the person that is doing it.
— Chinese proverb

My Story

Glass work has been my passion since 1989. Starting out in my little house shop melting glass rods and trying to make beads was how it began. I have since added glass fusing as well as Roman/Byzantine mosaic work to my skills. I love what I do, experimenting with beautiful glass all day and making people happy to own my art.

We came to Arkansas in 1987 directly from California. Born in Calgary, Alberta in 1957 to American parents, my father was in Canada doing cartography and geology. We moved to California in 1963. Travel has always been in my blood. When I stumbled on Arkansas I decided to stay and play music for the State for the preservation of old time music.

Ravenna, Italy is where I studied Roman/Byzantine mosaic making. It's a tedious and complex process, which I love.

Glass fusing has become my new obsession. I love incorporating lampwork components, dichroic glass and flowbar slices into my projects. Playing with powders and frits makes for endless play and possibilities. I"m currently making several types of light fixtures also. I love my life.





Currently, I am making glass beads, necklaces, glass fusing dishes,  LED light fixtures, incandescent light sconces, nightlights, fused glass jewelry and trouble.

100% Handmade


Everything I sell in this studio is handmade my me with help with several components from Mr. Rich Lanuti, the best husband in the world.